Feng Shui Consultations

Energetic interior décor.

Your home is a reflection of your self and you are a reflection of your home. By caring for the energies in our homes, we can improve our lives. This makes it possible to balance your different relationships. Which might be with your partner, work, economy, family, health but most of all with your self.


Allow 1.5-2 hours

Price: dkk 2,125.00 + transportation.

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This treatment may take place also via Skype. Please contact me and let me explain how this takes place.

 About Feng shui

When we look for a place to live, we look for an external space, our home, to fit with our internal space, our aura. Our home is a place for us to rest and find peace, a place where we rebuild our energy after a day’s work.

As our home is a representation of our body, we decorate our home so that it mirrors the way we are and fits into where our energy imbalances are. We may place furniture in a certain place, another person may want to place it differently. We may store (hide) material in a certain corner, or more correctly it hides the personal issues. This can be the reason we prefer some houses to others, just as we are attracted to people that mirror our own personal attitudes. Our work environment reflects the people that work there.

You can use Feng Shui as a tool to understand health and emotional problems, to highlight wealth, family or other life issues. Learn how to spiritually renovate and encourage success and prosperity. A simple blueprint taught with clarity of real understanding.