Chi Advanced Colour Reflexology

Chi Advanced Colour Reflexology

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Chi Advanced Colour Reflexology


One of Lisbeth’s most popular courses. Enjoy a weekend workshop in healing and energy work.


Lisbeth has been a practitioner, teacher and principal of a reflexology college for many years. She has a wealth of teaching and personal experiences that will keep you riveted.


This workshop is about relaxing and recognizing the power of the foot reflexes in moving chi through the body. Techniques born from classical Chinese medicine and esoteric philosophy can add much to your practice. Expect to bring new understandings of chi, meridians and healing to your next patient.



Who can attend?

Participants should have a diploma of reflexology.

Basic understanding of meridians, five phase theory, and body clock recommended.

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january, 2018

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Lisbeth has been sensitive to the energies of the unseen world since early childhood. She is able to ‘see’ into the internal organs and move Chi to clear blockages in the physical and energy bodies.