Golden Wings Dynamic Healing

Golden Wings Dynamic Healing

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Golden Wings Dynamic Healing

Advanced Healing

Golden Wings Dynamic Healing-education – in Danish

The program consists of four courses over two years

The first year deals with aspects of what it means to be a healer and work with clients. You will learn what the energy, color, Chi and prana is, as well as emotional and astral body, the chakras and different techniques that are unique to this course.

Second year is the mind’s effect on the body, healing of emotions, cellular consciousness, and much more. The second part is more profound.

These two years, are as much for the healer to heal herself as it is to learn to heal others.

This program is recommended to anyone with a wish to learn the depth of healing, understanding energy & its language, the effect of colors, and how we can heal our body recognizing who you really are and the power you have.

The program offers tools that can change your life, now.

Others in industries not related to healing can also greatly benefit from this course. My experience is simply because of the insight you gain through your inner work, which will ease your daily life tremendously. Many chose to participate only for this reason, not necessarily because they wish to become a healer.

You receive a large amount of detailed information, you can refer to throughout your life.

We are much more than just a physical body.  This course is recommended to anyone who wants a change and to make a difference – this is possible, right now and I am there to assist you.

Dates: To be arranged

Place: On demand

Large compendium of colour planches and detailed text are included

The program is very extensive and gives you access to completely new and different knowledge in energy teaching, a whole new understanding of what a whole person is and how to apply healing or simply healing by interaction with others.

You cannot find this information anywhere else, and the course is thoroughly reviewed, throughout my many years of experience of healing and teaching.

The course finish with an exam passed / failed.

Your commitment is to use the tools offered to you, for development to take place. This is your gift to you.

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Lisbeth has been sensitive to the energies of the unseen world since early childhood. She is able to ‘see’ into the internal organs and move Chi to clear blockages in the physical and energy bodies.