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Chi and reflexology

Classical Chinese Medicine – Chi and reflexology – new techniques Advanced training RAB-approved

Enjoy these days with reflexology – experience the effect by consciously working with your knowledge of Classical Chinese Medicine added different and unique understanding, including the power using Chi.

Learn new techniques, not only benefiting you in your daily practise as it takes pressure form you physical work, your client will now experience the depth of healing with Reflexology.


2- day workshop - to be arranged


1650 kr


on demand

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About the course

If you need inspiration to integrate what you already know from the meridian teachings and learn new techniques, this course is for you. The course is a mixture of theory and reflexology. Expect to be inspired, to surprise yourself with new knowledge, build your confidence and understanding to optimize your treatments.

Both ear acupuncture training and this is very popular in several countries .

KKM, energy and zt: For me it’s always a great experience to be with you Lisbeth – whether it’s on your courses, to qi-gong or your lectures. You can not help but draw on your vast knowledge and many life lessons you inspire me on a very deep level. (MD, Denmark)

3-day Reflexology course: I thank Lisbeth for her generous sharing of this knowledge and the beautiful way she Conducted the seminar. Should Lisbeth grace our shores again do make the effort two stede. You will not be disappointed. (JC, Vic. Australia)

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january, 2018

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About Us

Lisbeth has been sensitive to the energies of the unseen world since early childhood. She is able to ‘see’ into the internal organs and move Chi to clear blockages in the physical and energy bodies.