The whole woman

The whole woman

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The whole woman

to go with or against your pain


“Absolut brilliant workshop for discovering truth and sharing“ JL, Uk

“This course is not to be missed no self-development course has receded as much as this. That it is at the computer works great, everything is recorded if something needs to be repeated … Give yourself this course …… “AMD, Dk

This RAB-approved webinar is an intensive course where you have the opportunity to shape your life in the direction of what you want and need. You are the master of your life, why not choose the best? We know what we do, but often do not know why, and therefor we do not have the choices we seek. The choices that gives us strength, freedom and love, in other words, bring us home.


16. April 2016 opening of Facebook tasks

Dates for webinars:

Saturdays and Fridays: April: 30. maj: 7.-13.or 16.-21. June: 4.-6.-18.-25. ending.

webinar time: 9.30 – 11.30

Price:  3.495 dkk. at registration.

Pay For Course

Deposit 2.000 dkk is payed at registration, in which bank details is disclosed. Course deposit is refundable only upon cancellation of the course. The balance must be paid no later than 4 May.

About Whole Woman

Strength – Freedom – Love – What would you say to know you have the solution to get these three things integrated into your life without the usual hassles that can arise, and without driving and travel expenses. You can sit in your own home, or wherever you are in the world. This is part of freedom!

The peace and tranquility you’ve been longing for IS achievable and you have the opportunity to live a life of contentment and freedom, without fatigue and frustration. It is now, you need to take care of your own life – you have to act and tell the universe what you need. This is your journey home, where you see the great potential you contain, in which your dream is reality!

“We cannot solve the problems with the same thinking that created them.”

Albert Einstein

So how to find your potential and who you really are, without the same recurring thoughts?

By getting the right questions, the right tools, you will find the right answer and have a choice

By living in the moment, free of the past and tomorrow’s worries, learning the facts about your life you have new resources

By living a life not based on an emotional control preventing you from certain things in life

By seeing how the emotional swing makes you go from now it is good - now it is bad and to recognize the different dramas and how these are dealt with

By starting at the cellular level, in the physical layer and continuing up through the body layer to the spiritual, we have a basis for optimum development. First we learn who we are not, then we can find who we are.

Your organs suffer under these fluctuations caused by your cells magnetism, masculine / feminine poles, yin and yang, which affects your acid-base balance, and we have a breeding ground for disease – the emotions experienced through a filter.


                                          “I have never experienced such a profound and rewarding course like this.” CA, Dk

                                          “More peace, more satisfaction for who you are – I warmly recommend this course” SA, Dk

Practical information 

During the nine weeks webinar course, we have daily contact with each other through our secret group on Facebook and regular webinar meetings will be recorded, for you to hear again later and enjoy the content even if you are unable to attend the actual webinar. In addition to the recordings from the seminar, you receive documents with information and tasks for each meeting. Since it takes place via the Internet, you can stay at home using your PC or listen via your mobile. You do not have to spend time on travel with extra costs, and you can participate regardless of where you are in the world.

These webinars have been very popular, since December 2012.

For further information about the course please contact me either via Facebook or email.

This course will be held for women throughout Scandinavia and all who understand Danish. Do you know anyone who may be interested, you are welcome to pass on the information.

The course starts in the Facebook group on April 16 where you will be given the first task, which is the introduction to the course and the upcoming webinars, starting April 30.

Course has been approved by RAB in Denmark, with 30 points.

“The Whole Woman” To be honest, I was somewhat skeptical when I signed up for this course. For how could I be getting something out of taking a Course online … I must say all the skepticism was for nothing!!! I have never experienced such a profound and rewarding course like this. I felt we were a group, although we sat almost at opposite ends of the country. It was very rewarding how we managed to create a forum where we could be honest with ourselves and each other. Lisbeth Skovmand’s teaching and her dedication was the greatest gift of all. Through her care, honesty and wisdom we got the loving help as we needed: maybe a small slub, an affectionate pat on the cheek. She reached out to all of us !!! I can only recommend this course to all women who want to learn to know yourself better. CA, Dk

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Skype Id: lisbethskovmandnielsen Phone: +45 2680 6461 E-mail:

december, 2017

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About Us

Lisbeth has been sensitive to the energies of the unseen world since early childhood. She is able to ‘see’ into the internal organs and move Chi to clear blockages in the physical and energy bodies.