Recommended Products

Products recommended by Lisbeth Skovmand, from LiveWheatgrass, Asea and Healthy Atom, which can improve your health and further your work with personal development.

Courses – via Skype and webinars

Lisbeth Skovmand has lived and tought abroad as well as in Denmark for many years. Browse through the list and contact Lisbeth, if you need further information or help.

Skype Consultations

A wide range of treatments – also via Skype. Lisbeth Skovmand has many years of experience with treatments in Denmark, England, Scotland, Holland, Australia, New Zealand, and France. Skype Id: lisbethskovmandnielsen  

Chi Ear Acupuncture

During this very efficient and different type of acupuncture I will include your general state of health by reading your organs and your aura. And I will offer solutions to potential problems. My special ability to “see” your organs and blockages gives me a special approach and allows me to choose the treatment points and 

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Powerpoint Healing

Powerpoint Healing treats imbalances in your energy field. Old patterns and pains will flow gently through your physical body and be healed through important centres in your meridians and chakras. This is a profound type of healing which will continue in your body in the time after the treatment. This healing is centred around the 

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Feng Shui Consultations

Energetic interior décor. Your home is a reflection of your self and you are a reflection of your home. By caring for the energies in our homes, we can improve our lives. This makes it possible to balance your different relationships. Which might be with your partner, work, economy, family, health but most of all 

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Health/Aura & Soul Balancing Readings & Treatments

Using her powerful gifts, including her ability to ‘see’ the organs and any energy blockages, Lisbeth is able to highlight the source of your problems or imbalances and show you how to move on. Her deep awareness of the various levels of being enables her to assist you not only in your health but also 

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