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Lisbeth has been sensitive to the energies of the unseen world since early childhood. She is able to ‘see’ into the internal organs and move energy to clear blockages in the physical and energy bodies. Her training as a nurse and her own experience as a healer add to her skills and make what she offers dynamic. Her unique ability to deeply penetrate into the various levels of the soul will assist you in your health and personal development upon the spiritual path.

Lisbeth has taught around the world bringing a special joy and knowledge to all her courses. Expect laughter, growth and new understanding as she shares with you Classical Chinese Medicine, insight on the invisible world of energy and esoteric philosophy.

For many years, she was given one-to-one training in Classical Chinese Medicine.

My deepest gratitude and thank you to Mike Robinson and Jo Le-Rose for the invaluable teaching, I have received. This has given me a deep understanding of physical, emotional and spiritual health. Seeing the search for Freedom in others, made it impossible for me not to pass on my life training and experiences.

Mike Robinson and Jo Le-Rose are the founders of Golden Wings Chi Gong & Tai Chi, Feng Shui Gong, Dynamic Healing, Self-awareness & Relationship, Whole Woman 1, Optimize Your Health; offers that you find under my courses and consultations. Both are international speakers and authors.

“When we get to the root of our self we fundamentally realise that we are all ONE, not in a New-Age sense, but in actuality, so if there is only ONE human being, not billions of fragments, but ONE whole, then there must only be ONE business, and that ONE business must be in service to the ONE human being?”

Mike Robinson

Thank you Finn Byrum for being at the right place at the right time. You captured the three swans with the sun and light just perfectly, a once in a life time moment and designed the most beautiful logo –  swans gliding towards the light and truth. You truly are an artist, able to capture beauty in places, where it is difficult to find. Photographer and journalist, Slettestrand, Denmark

To acknowledge each moment in life as a chance to change and grow is vital. The experiences as a student and teacher; all the people Lisbeth has seen and met, have given her a deep insight and understanding of spiritual energy work and her inner self.

Lisbeth currently lives in Denmark and works internationally with teaching and clients.

Pure Clarity – Restoring your Health
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