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Feeling your energy – is sometimes painful!

The smooth flow of energy is important for our health and happiness. This smooth flow we can cultivate doing Golden Wings Chi Gong, using an external source – moving our arms and legs in a specific way. This then will activate internal chi to move and rise, bringing up various feelings and emotions we have […]

The invisible world of Chi

Chi is life! The world of Chi is the world of the invisible, yet everyone feels it; it is everywhere and in everything; it is in the air, the stars, the water, your smile.   Chi is often translated with life, energy or light. Spiritually chi is equivalent with love. Where there is Love there […]

The deep healer

Golden Wings Chi Gong – the deep healer When did it all begin? Some say 2000 Years BC others 5000 years BC. What we do know as a fact is it is thousands of years old. Chi Gong is known to be the beginning of all the other arts we know, such as Tai Chi […]