Feeling your energy – is sometimes painful!

The smooth flow of energy is important for our health and happiness.

This smooth flow we can cultivate doing Golden Wings Chi Gong, using an external source – moving our arms and legs in a specific way. This then will activate internal chi to move and rise, bringing up various feelings and emotions we have blocked and stored in our physical body in the organs, muscles, tissues, blood and lymph.

Sometimes new students find it’s too much, they find Golden Wings Chi Gong to strong and quit because it makes them feel years of suppressed emotions or old pain come to the surface. Though, this is a soft and gentle way, to release what in many cases, have been stored in the body for years, maybe a whole lifetime disturbing your inner balance.

Emotions must go somewhere, they will always stay in the body, in the organs and tissue, they leave a mark in our energy field. So where ever we go, we bring everything with us.

Generally, with a balanced flow of Chi, it creates a perfect environment for a pain free life both physically and emotionally. Chi is what acupuncturists move with needles, cupping or massage. With Chi Gong we use gentle movement and in Golden Wings Chi Gong the exercises specifically opens the Heart, the center for feeling.

Golden Wings Chi Gong makes you feel energized and leave you with a happy smile and it assists you in your personal growth.

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Thank you.

Have a beautiful day, have a great Life!

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