The deep healer

Golden Wings Chi Gong – the deep healer

When did it all begin? Some say 2000 Years BC others 5000 years BC.

What we do know as a fact is it is thousands of years old.

Chi Gong is known to be the beginning of all the other arts we know, such as Tai Chi and Kung Fu. Having a close relation to Nature and learning the grace of the movements in her, it was natural for those living long ago to seek healing from Nature when imbalances occurred. Maybe they already practiced certain moves long before this, as a thank you for the generosity from the Earth. Later it was used as a healing tool, for those having build a resistance, coming from what we know as greed and desire. These emotions will then have caused physical ailments and the ring of physical and emotional pain started.

You will find various school teaching different styles of Chi Gong. I use the term Chi, others prefer Qi or Ki, it is the same thing, maybe different energy, no right or wrong.

Throughout history Chi Gong has changed, adapting to the life at that time. Originally it was meant to improve your state of health, later is was used as a type of warm up and balance the organs, then you could continue with the martial arts of Tai Chi and Kung Fu. Some might not agree, this is just the human seeking who is right. What we can do is listen to what we feel gives us a sense of internal balance and quietness.


The goal of Chi Gong

Despite the diversity with the different schools, they have a common goal:

  1. Maintaining and improving health of body and mind – your spiritual inheritance
  2. Allow and feel the flow of energy throughout the whole body and beyond
  3. Emptying and filling the body with Chi
  4. Connect oneself with Natures energy
  5. To HEAL

Chi Gong consists of:

  1. Breathing practice
  2. Meditative postures
  3. Dynamic flowing movements
  4. Self – massage
  5. Healing with Chi


The effect of Chi Gong

You will find most exercises have beautiful and poetic names referring to Nature. These names help’s you to soften an often stress filled body and to visualize and develop the inner feeling of energy that becomes alive during your practice. All this is implemented through breathing and the gentle movements, where the gentle repetition along with the flow in the energy channels through out your body, makes your mind relax.

  • Each exercise has a specific effect
  • each exercise act on a specific energy channel and organ
  • each exercise has a balancing effect on an emotion
  • each exercise will always strengthen your Heart one way or the other
  • each exercise will eventually bring vitality to each of your cells
  • each exercise moves energy in a specific way in the physical effecting physical symptoms and emotions

each exercise moves energy in the spiritual realms.


Generally what we know about the flow of energy with acupuncture, also happens in Chi Gong, only activated differently. I write it this way as most have heard and have a feeling for acupuncture.


Chi and Chi Gong

Chi is another word for energy. Again some spell it Ki, Qi maybe you also hear the word Prana all depending on which school you learn from or which country.

Chi is the force of Life, without there is no Life. Every living thing has Chi.

Chi is what moves yin and yang

Chi makes your legs and arms move

Chi digest your food

Chi makes you think and act

Chi is in your smile, the depth of your glow in your eyes, skin or talk depends on the amount of Chi you carry.

Your cells vibrate, your skin and organs vibrate, your whole life is depending on this energy, which can be either felt or measured by certain instruments. Some people has the ability to see Chi.

To be able to see and feel chi you need to have developed a certain understanding of yourself.  The more acceptance, the more you can let go, the easier it is for energy to flow and experience life without judgement, fear and worry, selfishness or anger. To let go and trust allows your energy to flow abundantly without restrictions, this is part of the deep spiritual effect you might experience practicing Chi Gong. This means also no beliefs of good and bad, small or big, worthy or not worthy ……

All the mentioned issues stop Chi flowing.

With each stop, you feel a knot tighten, you might swallow, you definitely feel at brief stop within you. That stop creates an imbalance, like a cover up of a wound that is not healed from the inside. During your Chi Gong practice, you might feel it is difficult to breathe or you feel a tightening of a muscle, a sharp pain. This happens when Chi is reaching the affected area.

With each movement, Chi will be nurtured that little further until it eventually break the resistance and you feel free, if only for at short period. That sense of freedom, you never forget, and you will naturally seek that feeling again.

This is briefly what happens when you practice Chi Gong. I hope this all makes sense to you, it not sit quiet with it, do the practice over and over again, you will feel something. Every little something is healing a speck of your past, and that will never come again. If it does it is because something similar was implanted and you believed it to be true.

Chi Gong for your health and well-being

You can do Chi gong for many reasons, one thing is you don’t need to be ill or in other ways out of balance.

Use chi gong to enjoy life further, if you feel fit and healthy.

Today we are regular met with toxicity, like me now, despite this for me is as life giving as anything else to write about the beauty of energy and Chi Gong; I am sat behind a computer which emits a none promoting energy, so I do breathing exercises and Chi Gong to return to balance, just a few of the healing tools I have.

You might drive a car, live in a city, eat the occasional none organic food, argue, have a loss of a loved one, use mobile phone, watch TV, live inside with less natural energy around, worry, have fear, frustration, still you feel well. Underneath, the toxins eat of your energy, not enough to become ill, imagine if you could do something that prevented the constant loss of energy and rebuild this loss of life giving energy.

Well it’s worth a try to join Golden Wings Chi Gong class, experience it yourself, no one can take what you feel away from you. It will work it has always worked as a deep healer and it will for you too.

You will find live online classes under Chi Gong, or if you have enough interest, I am happy to set up a workshop in your area.

Have a beautiful day, have a great Life.


Copyright Lisbeth Skovmand