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I am a creative an intuitive mentor, educator, and healer - a Master Teacher of Energy in the subjects of Chinese Medicine, Chi Gong, Feng Shui, Food & Energy, Healing & Personal Development – which gives me a intuitive and precise approach to your inner and outer Health & Wellbeing.

Mostly we think we are limited, small and follow deep rooted beliefs, restricting our potential... this is not the real truth about who we are.

We are much more, much bigger.

Through my courses, consultations, coaching and healing, I inspire you to align to your true potential and uniqueness, by tapping into deeper levels of your being, opening the way to your inner Freedom, and helping you to live a life without limitations.


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“Lisbeth has helped me greatly over the last 9 years, teaching me chi gong and also through private healing and personal development sessions on Skype. 

A session with Lisbeth is always incredibly nurturing and I always leave feeling very rested and knowing more about myself than before.”

J.B. (UK)

“Thanks again for today. As always SO nice to start the day with your Chi Gong.

For several years I have been visiting my chiropractor a few times a year because of my neck. Now after doing Chi Gong for a year, my chiropractor has seen a remarkable change and improvement around the neck. I think you should know that. So thank you for your good help, Lisbeth”

L.C. (Denmark)

The lecture and the course were everything I hoped they would be and more. It is always stimulating to take a course where the lecturer is so passionate about their teachings. Lisbeth Skovmand Nielsen imparted her skill and knowledge with a style that showed she actually lived their teachings. She is a dynamo of a woman with an energy level that you could feel.

J.C. (Australia)

Golden Wings
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