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A Six-Week Life Consultation Course:
Stepping into Freedom

A Six-Week Life Consultation Course:
Stepping into Freedom

Welcome to Lisbeth Skovmand’s transformative journey designed to guide you through the landscapes of emotion, mind, and spirit. The six-week course is designed to address the complexities of emotional states, uplift the mind through mental practices, and facilitate spiritual growth, leading you towards a fuller understanding and expression of your greater self.


The First 3 Weeks Online

Understanding the Emotional Scales: We begin by exploring the tool of emotional scales, a powerful method for recognizing and quantifying feelings. You'll learn how to identify where you currently stand on this scale and discover strategies to gently shift towards more positive emotional states. This foundation will not only enhance your self-awareness but also equip you with the tools to manage and transform your emotions effectively.

Techniques for Emotional Management: 

You will dive deeper into practical techniques for emotional management. From mindfulness exercises to daily practices designed to stabilize and improve your emotional well-being. This part of the course aims to turn knowledge into action, embedding new habits that foster emotional resilience.

Mental Therapy: 

Transitioning to the realm of the mind, this introduces various mental therapies that have been proven to lift individuals from negative thinking patterns to positive outlooks. We'll cover a range of therapies including talk therapy, writing therapy, and other therapeutic models that encourage mental clarity and positive mental shifts.

Exploring Spiritual Growth: 

As your emotional and mental states begin to harmonize, we now delve into your spiritual journey by exploring various dimensions of spirituality, understanding its role in personal growth and how it relates to your daily life. 

Two Weeks of Application

Living the Teachings: 

During the two weeks of application, you will focus on integrating all that you have learned into a daily practice that aligns with your life’s purpose and your greater self. This week is about synthesis and expansion—taking the tools and insights from the course to build a personalized, ongoing practice that supports your continual growth and self-realization.

Final Week – Online with Lisbeth: 

Know What You Want & Where You’re Going: 

This is your time to ask questions, share your discoveries, map out a long-term plan and become the master of your emotional state, mental clarity, and life purpose.

The Benefits of Stepping into Freedom:

1. Enhanced Emotional Intelligence

• Gain a deep understanding of your emotional landscape using the emotional scales.

• Develop skills to recognize, manage, and transform emotions effectively.

2. Improved Mental Health

• Learn and apply various mental therapies that can alleviate negative thinking and boost positivity.

• Acquire practical tools and techniques for ongoing mental wellness and resilience.

3. Increased Self-Awareness

• Cultivate greater self-awareness through continuous self-assessment and reflection.

• Better understand your thoughts and behaviors and their impact on your life.

4. Stress Reduction and Management

• Implement stress-reducing practices such as mindfulness and cognitive behavioral techniques.

• Achieve a calmer mind and a more balanced emotional state, reducing overall stress.

5. Spiritual Development

• Explore and expand your spiritual dimensions, enhancing your connection to your greater self.

• Engage in practices that promote spiritual well-being and personal growth.

6. Enhanced Quality of Life

• Utilize tools and insights from the course to improve daily living and interpersonal relationships.

• Experience an overall enhancement in quality of life through integrated practices that promote health across emotional, mental, and spiritual domains.

7. Tools for Lifelong Growth

• Equip yourself with a comprehensive toolkit for addressing future challenges and opportunities for growth.

• Continue developing and refining these skills beyond the course, fostering lifelong personal development.

• Celebrate personal achievements in mastering the skills taught throughout the course.

This course is more than just a series of lessons; it's an active partnership in your journey of self-improvement. Each week builds upon the last, creating a comprehensive path from emotional awareness through mental therapy to spiritual expansion. Join Lisbeth to unlock your potential and embark on a path to a freer version of you.

During the exclusive One-2-One Version of the Course Over a period of 6 weeks, this is what you get:

• 3 zoom consultations of 30 - 45 minutes duration each

• A private Facebook page for regular support and communication 

• Tailored solutions helping your specific needs

• Tools you can use for the rest of your life - they will never expire!

• Golden Wings Chi Gong & Tai Chi membership during the 6 weeks

• 3 weeks intensive work – 2 weeks reflection – 6th week resume/ your new life plan.

Online classes: Coming soon.

Times/Dates: TBA

Cost: TBA no refund policy

One-2-One online program: 

Duration: 6 weeks 

Cost: US$ 1850

Payment plan available – no refund policy.

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