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Golden Wings Chi Gong & Tai Chi

Golden Wings Chi Gong & Tai Chi

Golden Wings Chi Gong, with its deep roots in traditional Chinese medicine and philosophy, is not just a physical exercise; it also profoundly impacts emotional health. The practice of Chi Gong involves movements that are slow and deliberate, combined with deep breathing and meditation, all of which are designed to cultivate balance and harmony within the body and mind. Here’s how Golden Wings Chi Gong with Lisbeth can significantly affect emotions:

Regulation of Emotional Responses

Chi Gong helps in moderating the body's response to stress and emotional disturbances. By promoting the smooth and free flow of Qi (vital energy) throughout the body, it aids in reducing the intensity of overly strong emotional reactions. This regulation is crucial for maintaining emotional balance and can prevent the escalation of negative feelings.

Reduction of Stress and Anxiety

One of the most immediate benefits of Chi Gong on emotions is its ability to reduce stress and anxiety. The practice encourages a state of relaxation by focusing on breath control and gentle movements, which help to calm the mind and reduce cortisol levels—the hormone predominantly responsible for stress. Regular Chi Gong practice can lead to long-term decreases in baseline stress levels, making practitioners less reactive to stressful situations.

Enhancement of Mood

Chi Gong can improve overall mood. The exercise stimulates the production of endorphins, the body’s natural mood elevators. This biochemical uplift can help alleviate symptoms of depression and enhance feelings of happiness and well-being. Clients often report feeling uplifted and more emotionally resilient after regular sessions.

Promotion of Emotional Awareness and Self-Regulation

Chi Gong enhances mindfulness, which involves being fully aware of the present moment without judgment. This awareness encourages clients to recognize their emotional state, which is the first step in managing emotions effectively. Through continued practice, individuals learn how to better regulate their emotional responses to external events, leading to more adaptive coping strategies and enhanced emotional intelligence.

Cultivation of Inner Peace and Harmony

Golden Wings Chi Gong is often described as a practice that connects the body, mind, and spirit, which can lead to a profound sense of inner peace and harmony. This connection makes it easier to cope with emotional upheavals and challenges, providing a stable emotional base even in turbulent times.

The Benefits of Golden Wings Chi Gong:

1. Enhances Physical Health

• Improves muscle strength and flexibility: Regular practice can enhance muscle strength, flexibility, and stamina.

• Boosts the immune system: Chi Gong is known to support the immune system through its stress-reducing and homeostasis-inducing effects.

• Promotes cardiovascular and respiratory function: The breathing exercises involved can help improve heart health and increase lung capacity.

2. Reduces Stress and Anxiety

• Promotes relaxation: By focusing on deep, rhythmic breathing, Chi Gong helps calm the mind and reduce stress.

• Improves mood: The meditative aspect can increase overall happiness and decrease symptoms of depression and anxiety.

3. Enhances Mental Clarity and Focus

• Boosts cognitive function: Regular practice can improve concentration, alertness, and even creativity.

• Improves neurological health: It can also contribute to better nerve health through its relaxing and centring exercises.

4. Supports Joint Health

• Reduces arthritis symptoms: Movements in Chi Gong are gentle and can be particularly beneficial for easing stiffness and pain associated with arthritis.

• Enhances balance: The practice improves balance and coordination, reducing the risk of falls.

5. Spiritual Benefits

• Fosters a deeper sense of self-awareness: Regular practitioners often experience an enhanced connection with their inner selves.

• Connects with nature and universe: Many forms of Chi Gong involve practices that help connect the individual with the natural world and the larger universe.

6. Improves Quality of Life

• Enhances energy levels: It can lead to increased energy and stamina, improving overall quality of life.

• Promotes longevity: Some studies suggest that Chi Gong may contribute to a longer life by maintaining the health and vitality of the body and mind.

Golden Wings Chi Gong is a low-impact, accessible form of exercise that people of all ages and physical abilities can enjoy. Its holistic approach makes it a popular choice for those looking to maintain health and balance in a natural and harmonious way.

Time/Days: 30 minutes online & recorded session in English: 


• 10.00 - 10.30 CET

• London 9 GMT

• AUS. Brisbane 7 PM Nov. - March, 6 PM April – Oct.


• 15.15 – 15.45 CET

• London 2.15 PM – 2.45 PM GMT

• USA, Idaho MDT 7.15 AM

Cost: US$35

Enrolment: Please fill in contact form.

As soon as possible you will receive 2 pre-recorded sessions together with an automated monthly payment link. 

When payment is received, you will get an invite to Facebook membership group. 

You can cancel any time before next payment is due - no refund policy.

One-2-One: Please request info via contact form.

Time: 30 minutes health assessment, Chi Gong recording 30 minutes


• single session US$ 195

• 3 sessions US$ 550

No refund policy – consultation is paid in advance. 

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