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One-2-One Life Consultations

One-2-One Life Consultations

A one-to-one life consultation is a personalized and intensive approach to individual well-being, designed to address specific needs and goals. This type of consultation typically focuses on emotional balancing, mental health, and life guidance to foster overall personal development. Here’s what you can expect from a one-to-one life consultation:

During a session, Lisbeth will work closely with you to identify and understand your unique challenges and aspirations. Through this collaborative process, you’ll explore various techniques tailored to your personal circumstances. This can include:


•Emotional Wellness

•Goal Setting

•Mental shifts for better thought patterns

•Raising your consciousness & frequency

•Defining and creating your reality

Single online consultation:

Time: Please fill in contact form 

Duration: 50-60 minutes in English - US$ 145

Follow up 30 minutes: In English - US$ 95

No refund policy, payment due before consultation.

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