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International teacher, healer and therapy and energy specialist.



I have always found life inspiring.

This passion about life gave me purpose and reason to heal and expand my knowledge about myself, understanding how to create optimal health and wellbeing and what we can do to find the solution to heal at the deepest level – and then passing these tools on to others who seek my assistance.

I have been a Nurse RGN, therapist, teacher & educator internationally since 1987. I have lived and worked in nine different countries across Europe and Australia. This allowed me to experience life; how our relationships, different upbringings and beliefs create who we think we are.

Since childhood, I have had a gift which allowed me to feel and sense a deeper level - what’s going on behind the conscious mind. Through deep personal inner development, special one-to-one and group training from incredible teachers from China, England and Denmark over many years, I was taught the depth of energy work and Classical Chinese Medicine. These enabled me to understand and deal with the challenges of the mind. I have also had the privilege of being taught and educated by Spiritual Teacher Mike Robinson and Doctor of Humanistic Sciences Jo Le-Rose. They are the founders of Golden Wings trainings and workshops, which I, with deep respect and love, have the joy also to be able to pass on to you. 


This education turned my natural gift into a honed and precise ability to guide others regarding their health and inner challenges.


Would you like to explore Spiritual growth? 

Would you like to have the freedom to achieve your dreams through spiritual growth?

'Is this possible? How is this possible?' You may ask. 


YES, it is possible! 

It is possible to dream big, and to make dreams a reality. 


If you find it difficult to establish what to do, where to begin, how to trust your choices, or how to optimize your life - I so understand you, because I've been there too. 


The answer is to have the right tools for how to work on yourself, how to lift your frequency – not just in one moment, but as an energetic permanent alignment, giving you the access to gain freedom in every area of your life.  


Optimize your Health – Finances – Relationships - Career and find joy and wisdom knocks on your door before you know it. 


I inspire you to align to your true potential and uniqueness, by raising your consciousness and working with your health, mind, and soul. 


I help you redefine your life through physical and deep inner work that optimizes your Health, Relationships and Wealth areas. 


Together, let's craft a life of limitless possibilities and extraordinary fulfilment.


It all comes down to one focus, let’s find yours!


Golden Wings
Chi Gong & Tai Chi

Life Consultations

Online Self-Study Courses

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