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Chis usynlige verden

Chi is in you and around you

without it you will not be able to breathe!

The world of Chi is the world of the invisible, yet everyone feels it.

It is everywhere and in everything.

It is in the air, the stars, the water, your smile.

Chi is often translated as life, energy or light.

Spiritually chi is equivalent with love. Where there is Love there is abundant pure Chi that radiates out, through and within you and me.

Love is what we all are looking for in one or the other way, through work, friends, relationships.

woman practising chi gong in nature

We awake and nurture Love through being creative and by listening and acting on our inspirations. When Chi flows freely throughout our physical - and energy body, we feel inspired and can be creative, we are filled with Love.

Each person has a unique blueprint and can from his inspirational thoughts, create something unique. It is only our human thoughts of beliefs that restrict our life. This can be seen in the way we live; through our choice of work, in our relationships, the way we act out our life in society, and the way we choose to eat and care for nature and ourselves. Only you know how to live your life to your full potential. If Chi is not abundant and pure we will have difficulties knowing who we are.

When the flow of chi is restricted, we may get physical symptoms such as headache, pain in the joints and muscles, high blood pressure and a constant flow of repetitive thoughts.

Restricted flow of chi can also manifest as symptoms of stress: loss of memory, forgetful, insomnia, low energy, and emotional distress.

Depleted of Chi, a person can look tired and grey; have sunken eyes, a colorless complexion, and feel cold or uncomfortable hot.

When Chi is flowing, we feel content, complete, can act adequate on happenings in our life, feel joy and have a comfortable body temperature.

Chi gives energy to our voice, brings life to our laughter, and makes you want to do something with your life. Chi gives you the sparkle to move forward, to try life out – to learn and experience. Sufficient Chi makes you able to choose between right and wrong – to listen to your inner voice. Your inner voice is you higher self, communicating with you. Too much clutter and constant thinking makes it difficult to listen, if not impossible.

There are ways you can build your Chi, nurture your Health, and Love yourself and the world, an important question to ask yourself, - is something holding you back, have you asked what that is?

Online Live and recorded Golden Wings Chi Gong may be a solution to extend you experience with energy, it did for me! Please contact me if you are interested.

Have a beautiful day, nurture your inner chi, smile to Life.


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