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Chi and Chi Gong

Chi is another word for energy. Again, some spell it Ki, Qi maybe you also hear the word Prana all depending on which school you learn from or which country.

Chi is the force of Life, without there is no Life. Every living thing has Chi.

Chi is what moves yin and yang.

Chi makes your legs and arms move.

Chi digests your food

Chi makes you think and act.

Chi is in your smile, the depth of your glow in your eyes, skin or talk depends on the amount of Chi you carry.

Lisbeth doing chi gong exercises to unblock her chi

Your cells vibrate, your skin and organs vibrate, your whole life is depending on this energy, which can be either felt or measured by certain instruments. Some people have the ability to see Chi.

To be able to see and feel chi you need to have developed a certain understanding of yourself. The more acceptance, the more you can let go, the easier it is for energy to flow and experience life without judgement, fear and worry, selfishness, or anger. To let go and trust allows your energy to flow abundantly without restrictions, this is part of the deep spiritual effect you might experience practicing Chi Gong. This also means no beliefs of good and bad, small or big, worthy or not worthy ……

All the mentioned issues stop Chi flowing.

With each stop, you feel a knot tighten, you might swallow, you definitely feel at brief stop within you. That stop creates an imbalance, like a cover up of a wound that is not healed from the inside. During your Chi Gong practice, you might feel it is difficult to breathe or you feel a tightening of a muscle, a sharp pain. This happens when Chi is reaching the affected area.

With each movement, Chi will be nurtured that little further until it eventually break the resistance and you feel free, if only for at short period. That sense of freedom, you never forget, and you will naturally seek that feeling again.

This is briefly what happens when you practice Chi Gong. I hope this all makes sense to you, it not sit quiet with it, do the practice over and over again, you will feel something. Every little something is healing a speck of your past, and that will never come again. If it does it is because something similar was implanted and you believed it to be true.

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