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Golden Wings Chi Gong – the deep healer

When did it all begin? Some say 2000 Years BC others 5000 years BC.

What we do know as a fact is it is thousands of years old.

Chi Gong is known to be the beginning of all the other arts we know, such as Tai Chi and Kung Fu. Having a close relation to Nature and learning the grace of the movements in her, it was natural for those living long ago to seek healing from Nature when imbalances occurred. Maybe they already practiced certain moves long before this, as a thank you for the generosity from the Earth. Later it was used as a healing tool, for those having build a resistance, coming from what we know as greed and desire. These emotions will then have caused physical ailments and the ring of physical and emotional pain started.

3 people practice chi gong on the edge of a lake

You will find various school teaching different styles of Chi Gong. I use the term Chi, others prefer Qi or Ki, it is the same thing, maybe different energy, no right or wrong. Golden Wings Chi Gong – the deep healer is the version I teach.

Throughout history Chi Gong has changed, adapting to the life at that time. Originally it was meant to improve your state of health, later is was used as a type of warm up and balance the organs, then you could continue with the martial arts of Tai Chi and Kung Fu. Some might not agree, this is just the human seeking who is right. What we can do is listen to what we feel gives us a sense of internal balance and quietness.

The goal of Chi Gong & Golden Wings Chi Gong – the deep healer

Despite the diversity with the different schools, they have a common goal:

  • Maintaining and improving health of body and mind – your spiritual inheritance

  • Allow and feel the flow of energy throughout the whole body and beyond

  • Emptying and filling the body with Chi

  • Connect oneself with Natures energy

  • To HEAL

Chi Gong consists of:

  • Breathing practice

  • Meditative postures

  • Dynamic flowing movements

  • Self – massage

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