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Chi Gong for your health and well-being

You can do Chi gong for many reasons; one thing is you don’t need to be ill or in other ways out of balance.

Use Chi Gong to enjoy life further, if you feel fit and healthy.

Lisbeth doing a chi gong exercise

Today we are regular met with toxicity, like me now, despite this for me is as life giving as anything else to write about the beauty of energy and Chi Gong; I am sat behind a computer which emits a none promoting energy, so I do breathing exercises and Chi Gong to return to balance, just a few of the healing tools I have.

You might drive a car, live in a city, eat the occasional nonorganic food, argue, have a loss of a loved one, use mobile phone, watch TV, live inside with less natural energy around, worry, have fear, frustration, still you feel well. Underneath, the toxins eat off your energy, maybe not enough to become ill, imagine if you could do something that prevented the constant loss of energy and rebuild this loss of life giving energy.

Well, it’s worth a try to join Golden Wings Chi Gong class, experience it yourself, no one can take what you feel away from you. It will work it has always worked as a deep healer and it will for you too.

You will find live online classes under Chi Gong, or if you have enough interest, I am happy to set up a workshop in your area and help with Chi Gong for your health and well-being.

Have a beautiful day, have a great life.

Copyright Lisbeth Skovmand

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