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The effect of Chi Gong

You will find most exercises have beautiful and poetic names referring to Nature. These names help’s you to soften an often stress filled body and to visualize and develop the inner feeling of energy that becomes alive during your practice. All this is implemented through breathing and the gentle movements, where the gentle repetition along with the flow in the energy channels through out your body, makes your mind relax.

Lisbeth teaching chi gong exercises in nature

The effect of Chi Gong is that each exercise has a specific effect, each exercise acts on a specific energy channel and organ, each exercise has a balancing effect on an emotion, each exercise will always strengthen your heart - one way or the other. Each exercise will eventually bring vitality to each of your cells each exercise moves energy in a specific way in the physical effecting physical symptoms and emotions each exercise moves energy in the spiritual realms.

Generally, what we know about the flow of energy with acupuncture, also happens in Chi Gong, only activated differently. I write it this way as most have heard and have a feeling for acupuncture.

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